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Kuk Sool Won of West Oxfordshire Martial Arts Academy is licensed and registered by WKSA. Instructors are DBS checked.

There are some misconceptions of Personal Training and the use of a Personal Trainer. Personal Training is about working toward a goal which could be related to improvement for a sport or upcoming competition or more personal in the form of weight loss/weight gain, looking to get fit to be able to play with your children without getting too much out of breath, developing a better cardiovascular fitness or muscular endurance. Whatever your reasons for personal training do you need a Personal Trainer? The answer to the question is truly personal.

If you know how to programme a progressive training regime, understand about what food types and amounts you should be eating and have the ability to push yourself to achieve the results you are looking for, having the right facilities and equipment, then possibly the answer to the above question could be no. However, if you have tried a personal training programme and not achieved your goals this normally due not fully understanding the above reasons/elements and therefore not getting the full benefit from your training. Most people give up a training/exercise regime due to this fact rather the not wanting to achieve their goal.

A Personal Trainer may be the missing ingredient for your success as they would be able to put the pieces of the jigsaw together to enable you to achieve what you have always wanted. For a price of 1 dinner out you could add the missing ingredient you deserve. The use of a Personal Trainer does not need to be cost prohibitive but suited to your budget, at Respect Fitness you would get the use of our Personal Training Suite for your 1-2-1 sessions, a personalised training programme, nutritional advice and bags of encouragement to aid your success. Sessions can be booked on a daily, weekly, forenightly or monthly basis to suit your needs to give you guidance for your training regime.

For more informations give me a call on 01993 843377 or 07901 000230 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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