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Kuk Sool Won of West Oxfordshire Martial Arts Academy is licensed and registered by WKSA. Instructors are DBS checked.

With School Change over approaching, we are not taking on Juniors under 12 yrs unless they train with an adult as a family. Available classes to train in are Tuesday or Friday 6-7pm at the Leisure Centre Carterton.

Kuk Sool WonTM is a lifelong pursuit that will provide children with an unsurpassed knowledge, respect and discipline that can be passed down to following generations. Every student is encouraged to work hard to succeed and will be treated equally in a stress free, fun and friendly environment. Each student is allowed to progress at his/her own pace linked to their ability as favouritism is heavily frowned upon, within Kuk Sool WonTM and we consider everyone as a winner.

Training helps to guard against today's complex social pressures, by providing a ‘vent' for anger, emotions and fear and also provides essential tools for dealing with such situations, especially important for younger individuals. Children that train in Kuk Sool WonTM generally have more mobility, agility and are usually more impervious to illness than those that lead a more sedentary lifestyle.

Juniors move up in recognition to Advance Juniors as they progress through the grades and depending on age group, normally from Red belt/Brown stripe. 

Chipmunk 4-5yrs, Tigers 5-6yrs, Juniors 6-13yrs. Awards are presented to juniors in these groups, as they go with us. Moving forward there are awards for our Teens. 

Awards are presented once every 3 months.  A student will complete a set amount of lessons before being put forward to grade, this being held every 3 months.

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