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Kuk Sool Won of West Oxfordshire Martial Arts Academy is licensed and registered by WKSA. Instructors are DBS checked.

  • Achievement – Training in Kuk Sool WonTM will develop a can do attitude, its character building giving you ambition to try your best in all situations.This could be linked to achieving better grades at school or to succeed in your job and developing new life skills. Martial Arts can improve your life in more ways than just general health benefits and getting fit.
  • Respect – Continued training will develop social skills by placing a lot of emphasis on respect and good manners which is considered the cornerstone of our martial art. We encourage all of our students to treat others how they wish to be treated themselves developing improved team working ethos.
  • Self-Defence – Kuk Sool WonTM will teach you to think rather than panic in potentially dangerous situations, giving you the confidence to walk away from a difficult situation or the presence not to allow the situation to develop in the first place. This, combined with excellent specialised self-defence techniques will enable you to effectively protect both yourself and your family.
  • Self-Confidence – Classes will tone your body up, improve the way you look and how you feel. Helping you to reach your goals will improve your self-confidence as well as develop your Martial Arts skills.
  • Mental Alertness – Kuk Sool WonTM will help you to develop and sharpen your mind; it makes you even more alert to potentially dangerous situations. For children it makes them even more attentive at school, which helps to improve their grades.
  • Self-Discipline – In our lessons we will help with your goal setting and you will learn to draw upon your own inner strength to achieve them, promoting discipline and good behaviour in children. Structuring each lesson to be dynamic and challenging so it offers something for everyone. It does not matter what type of person you are Kuk Sool WonTM will be great for you.
  • Co-ordination – Natural and fluid motion of Kuk Sool WonTM is perfect for women. The movements will exercise the entire body, developing sense of balance, agility, flexibility, poise, dexterity and all round co-ordination for all over fitness.
  • Health and Fitness – Kuk Sool WonTM is great for stress and tension reducing anxiety; it will increase your stamina improving endurance, expand your cardiovascular fitness and improve your overall physical strength and mental condition. Training helps lose excess body fat and safeguard against obesity. This low impact aerobic activity will increase muscle tone and enable a youthful appearance and attitude.
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